twenty.fifteen – into the unknown


Kuenda productions presentiert

von Olufemi Terry

in Koproduktion mit der Schauburg München, dem Goethe Zentrum/Zimbabwe German Society Harare, der Alliance Française de Harare, der Faculty of Arts/University of Zimbabwe, dem Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen und AFRICTIONS – Captured by Dance Festival für zeitgenössischen Tanz aus Afrika

Choreographie Olivia Marinoni – Antonio Bukhar
Regie Atif Hussein
Idee, Ausführende Produktion und Dramaturgie Cindy Jänicke
Musik Hope Masike – Kilian Unger – Mubirigwe Ronald Kibirige – Pro Beatz
Tanz Maylene Mountford – Pascale Firholz – Yeukai Zinyoro – Antonio Bukhar – Kelvin Campbell – Rockey Lionel Tanaka
Schauspiel Tafadzwa Hananda – Tobias Schulze
Kostüme Fatsani Gladys Kulera
Spielfassung Cindy Jänicke – Atif Hussein – Tobias Schulze

Premiere 19. September 2014, Harare



“You don’t know any Zimbabweans. You came here with all your German ideas. You’re not interested in what people here need. You don’t know anything about their hopes, their feelings, about their struggles, their love and their culture. You know what, Greta, I don’t want to become just another German expat here in Harare. Like you! Too clueless to be aware of your own racism.”


“Judge knows about Cambridge, knows about chances, knows about all the possibilities that could be there after studying abroad. Since the night at the arts center with Tina his mind was spinning around. He can not imagine to leave his family, the fear of losing his home, his roots, his life stopped him from sending the papers in. He is struggling with the idea, that this world “abroad” could change him, could make him another person or even could make him leave his country forever.”